• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 5–14 March 2020
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • FRI KUNST: A conversation with Gutta

Gutta is a drag king-group and a female masculine community. With performing arts as a starting point, they move back and forth between their own masculinity and male stereotypes through shameless sampling. Larry, Robin, Lavrans and RichHard are infamous for their wild stage performances. At Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020, they will get us all in a festive mood by kickstarting it all with their show GUTTA GETS CONNECTED and following DJ-set.

  1. What does artistic freedom mean to you?
    Artistic freedom defends our right to say what we want, whenever we want to say it.
  1. Why do you think artistic freedom is important?
    Artistic freedom is important so that we can experience each other in a more honest, naked, true and complex way.
  1. How is artistic freedom put at risk? What are the possible actions to protect artistic freedom?
    Artistic freedom is put at risk when we are not listening, really listening, to each other and to our surroundings. At one occasion, we did experience being censored. Words were put into our mouths.

    Possible actions? Don’t sell yourself too cheap. Set your own premisses. There are strong commercial forces out there, shapeshifters that are putting chains on the gods we call artists, pretending to help them. Obedience and silence are like walls built to keep the waves of the ocean away from the shore. Slowly, the water will seep through the brick wall, crumbling the straight, dry line flooding the dried up soil, the colorless grass. Moisturizing and fertilizing, bacteria will grow and stubborn parasites will flourish again.